braun Series 7 790cc kupong

the multi-voltage adapter. Otherwise, all three models are virtually identical. And it can also be locked into place by a switch located on the side. The shaving head of the Braun Series 7 790cc has three cutting elements. So if you're looking for a dry shaver then it's an easy decision go for the 790cc. Quick Navigation, all About. These buttons are marked with the and - icons. Every Series 7 model includes what Braun calls Sonic technology, which reads and adapts to your face. February 8, 2018, braun s bestselling, series 7 line of electric shavers for men is one of the best in terms of performance and value on the market today.

braun Series 7 790cc kupong

The, braun Series 7 760cc used to be a great inexpensive alternative to the full-fledged 790cc.
While the shaver was almost identical, the cleaning station that was included with the 760cc had some of the features removed: no quick clean mode, no automatic cleaning function and no hygiene indicator.
However, Braun has not cleared the 790cc for wet/dry shaving.

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Part of what contributes to that great shave is the fact that each model offers multiple modes for shaving. It sizes beard accurately what you want. So, we never have to worry about if it has enough charge to complete a shave. Im breaking things down for you today, loosely classifying models into the old. Festival Style Must-haves for music fests). The case is finished with faux leather.

There also have extra two buttons located on either side of the power button. Just Add Water, for Grilling Anything, sneaks to Hit the Trails. You can carry the device safely away in the travel pouch. The main difference in each model is the features. It thoroughly cleans and dries the shaver. All the models were talking about here come with the cleaning station- as I explained earlier, the cc designates this.