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displayed. Youll be a little farther away but can still enjoy the view, including parks and ferries. It took 4 months just to put the Statue of Liberty together again! If you want to enter either the pedestal or the monument's crown it is best to reserve tickets well in advance. Sale: Save up to 27 for a limited time only (Offer ends Sunday 12th May). Today the island is known as Liberty Island. Here we have summarized everything you need to know if you have an upcoming visit to the Statue of Liberty.

From base of pedestal foundation to top of her torch, 305 ft 6 inches. During the warmer months, get on the very first ferry of the day! The seven rays from her crown represent the seven continents. Audio tours are designed to enhance a self-guided walking tour of the historic landmark and museum. To get to the top, youll need to use a narrow staircase. It took nine years before it was completed in 1884 after which it was sent to the USA in 214 crates. Attractions Nearby 9/11 Memorial Audio Tour 9/11 Tribute MuseumFree with pass - Normally.

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Accessing Liberty Island also gives you free admission to the new. For any other belongings, you can rent a locker for 2 when you get to Liberty Island. For more info on how to get tickets to enter the Statue of Liberty, take a look at this website. More About the Statue of Liberty. Madison Square park for six years - from 18in an attempt to spark interest and attract funds. Please note: If you want admission to the Pedestal or Crown of the Statue of Liberty, you will need to book Crown Reserve and/or Pedestal Reserve tickets separately and make reservations as soon as possible as access. The statue's face was modeled after his mother's and the story goes that the body was modeled after a prostitute.